About me

I'm Harry Bendix-Lewis, but you can call me H.

I'm a UI developer and front-end architect.

I am also a startup co-founder and passionate about startups and tech.

My love for UI development started when I discovered Photoshop on my fathers computer, I spent days that turned to weeks that turned to months just making stuff.

Star Wars posters, YouTube banners, imaginary business cards, you name it I made it on Photoshop.

I started university studying Software Engineering and I realised I could spend my life making stuff.

And that is what I've spent the last 4 years doing; building stuff that is driven by people.

Let's work together!

Outside of work

I love to read, mostly. You can see my Goodreads profile here.

Born and bred Londoner and an avid Crystal Palace fan.

1/4 Norwegian and have a childhood dream of living there one day... the Lofoten Islands are breathtaking.

Love walking the countryside with my dog.

Love British comedy and American thrillers.

Prefer coffee to tea, sorry Britain. 🇬🇧

Can't go wrong with a pint of ale, either.

My next adventure I want to take the trans-siberian express to China.